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Erick “E. Bullet” M. Fort, AKA E.B.3 was born and raised in Detroit, MI. His father, singer and musician, would hold numerous rehearsals in the basement of their home. Drum sets, pianos, guitars and microphones were always within reach. At an early age, Bullet began to develop a love and talent for music. But it wouldn’t be until after serving four years in the United States Air Force that he would embark on the journey that would transform his love and talent into his life’s passion.

After moving back to Los Angeles, he booked his first acting audition, landing him the lead role in a short film, “A Fight for Glory.” From that role, he immediately gained recognition as an up and coming talent and soon acquired an agent and manager. He quickly began to build a stout resume. Within those first three years, he played the lead role in multiple independent films and had co-starred on hit television series such as “ER” and “Dr. Vegas.”


In 2004, opportunity brought music back into his life. Displaying his recording and songwriting abilities for the first time, he was a featured artist on the MIG Records, Big Z Mix 2004. It was at this time he realized his passion for music and began living the life of an aspiring artist. Two years later he partnered with Blk Lyfe Inc. to formulate the “Keep Yo’ Ears to the Streets Vol. 1” mix tape and again, was a heavily featured artist. He soon gained respect from fans and artist alike, earning his stripes amongst his peers. Throughout 2007, he continued to create, record, and perfect his craft, meanwhile coming into his own as an artist.
The following year, he recorded his first solo project titled, “Gettin’ Comfortable,” inspired by his progress in music and with life. But working a steady job and financial strains prevented that project from ever getting off of the ground. It has since become a collection of his underground musical catalog. In 2009, he began to work tirelessly to jumpstart a record label with family and friends. Having a studio built in his one-bedroom apartment, they began producing music and working on the, “HeatSeeka Entertainment Foundation Mix Vol. 1.” This time, however, personal relationships would prevent the founding of the west coast label.

After the mentally and physically draining year of 2009, E. Bullet found peace in solace while pushing his music through the streets of L.A., primarily on the beach of Venice. In 2012, it was there where he would meet a member of the New Era Global Foundation. He began working with the founding members of the organization, Johnny Castillo, Tori Adams (T-Man), and Balla Balla. From that moment, he immediately began work on the “Gettin’ Comfortable 2: Too Close for Comfort” EP, which released Jan. 29, 2013 by RawAzEva Records and the New Era Global Foundation.